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A carefully curated generation of lipsticks that ignites individuality and speaks to clean beauty and sustainability.

Featured Products

<b>Walk of Shame</b> - Hot, Hot Pink
<b>Mile High</b> - The Perfect Red
<b>Birthday Suit</b> - Nothing But Nude

Lipstick with a purpose

To Clean Beauty and Beyond

Be disruptive.
Be you - In any shade.
Organic Lipsticks Vegan formulas made from natural oils and plant waxes
Gluten-Free Lipsticks Beeswax free, cruelty-free, vibrant, long-wearing colors
CRUELTY FREE Not tested on animals

Refill It

Make Lipstick of your color choice

Hickey Lipstick raises the bar on many fronts including being a refillable beauty. The chic eco-friendly lipstick in the spirit of clean beauty that performs, love in living color.



Y’all. I’m living for this perfect nude shade from @hickeylipstick. It feels luxe, hydrating, and comfortable. I’d describe it as a welcome reprieve from drying liquid lipsticks💋.
Shannon Mercier | Fashion Influencer
A lipstick and a necklace! ✨ @hickeylipstick the perfect festival accessory. The long lasting lip colors come in a refillable and interchangeable gorgeous case. Wow your friends with this beautiful lipstick!
Blanca Camarillo | Makeup artist

Tie it.Wear it.Carry it.

Hickey Lipstick your fashion accessory.

Chose from Gold, Silver, and Black or grab all three bold unique pendant colors when you buy the Essentials Collection. Lipstick on your neck! Tie it to your purse or ski jacket! Brandish it as a wristlet! Just dare….


Hickey Launch Party

Common Preservative Free
Lanolin Free
Tropical Antibiotic Free
Nickel Free
Soy Free
Paraben Free
Coconut Free
MCI / MI Free
Gluten Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Cruelty Free
Beeswax Free

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