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<b>Walk of Shame</b> - Hot, Hot Pink
<b>Mile High</b> - The Perfect Red
<b>Birthday Suit</b> - Nothing But Nude


Perfect Red - Hickey Lipstick Refill
Hot Hot Pink - Hickey Lipstick Refill
Nothing But Nude - Hickey Lipstick Refill
Crushing on Coral - Hickey Lipstick Refill
Y’all. I’m living for this perfect nude shade from @hickeylipstick. It feels luxe, hydrating, and comfortable. I’d describe it as a welcome reprieve from drying liquid lipsticks💋.
Shannon Mercier - Fashion Influencer
A lipstick and a necklace! ✨ @hickeylipstick the perfect festival accessory. The long lasting lip colors come in a refillable and interchangeable gorgeous case. Wow your friends with this beautiful lipstick!
Blanca Camarillo - Makeup artist