About Hickey Lipstick

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We didn’t invent lipstick.

We just gave it a personality.

Hickey Lipstick raises the bar on many fronts including refillable beauty. Refill your Hickey from a selection of long lasting, luxurious CLEAN, cruelty free formulas nominated Best Lip Color and Formula by Indie Beauty.  Our chic eco-friendly lipstick refill gives you choices and is a beautiful statement on it’s own, clean beauty that performs, enough said.  
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Believe the hype.

Hickey Lipstick’s patent pending design allows Hickey Lipstick to be a fashion accessory as well as refillable and eco-friendly. Choose from Gold, Silver, matte Black and White or own all of them and mix and match the cases, lids and ribbons. Wear it as a necklace, Tie it to your purse with the grosgrain ribbons or your jeans for a more caps look! Brandish it as a wristlet! Just dare to set your own fashion look. STYLE WITH HICKEY

The Story 

natural refillable lipsticks with caselong lasting matte lipsticks

Hickey Lipstick is an Indie Beauty brand that exudes personality. It is the ultimate lipstick on the go for fashion disrupters. Designed by a fashion obsessed woman who refuses to be without her lipstick and believes in only ‘CLEAN BEAUTY’- ‘what goes on your lips must be as clean as what into your mouth.’ Hickey comes in a gorgeous innovative patent-pending pendant-style refillable case that doubles as a fashion accessory. 

When you buy Hickey Lipstick, you get an interchangeable shade of lipstick as well as a grosgrain ribbon and metal change to help you style your Hickey in any way you dare. You can choose from 3 chic colors for your Hickey Lipstick case - Gold, silver, and black. Go bold or go home with Gold with Mile High lipstick color (perfect red lipstick), Silver comes with Walk of Shame color (Hot, Hot Pink lipstick), while Black comes with Birthday Suit color (Nothing but Nude lipstick.) The Essentials Collection gives you the best of all worlds with all three cases and colors. GET YOUR HICKEY
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Cruelty free long lasting lip color

Whether you talk about the best nude lipsticks, cruelty-free lipstick, gluten-free lipsticks, long-lasting matte lipstick, organic lipstick, perfect red lipstick, or refillable lipstick cases, Hickey Lipstick is taking on the competition and is dispruptive. Nominated for Best Lip Color and Best in Show at the Indie Beauty Expo it’s first two years since launching as well as being featured on HSN.com, FabFitFun, and British VOGUE, among others….