Quintessential Clean Beauty and Fashion Accessory

Nikki is the creator and founder of the quintessential clean beauty and fashion accessory, Hickey Lipstick. A modern fashion-conscious woman, Nikki is driven by a passion to discover and share positive radical new perspectives on the way we interact with beauty and fashion. In an era where we can define ourselves without limits, Nikki has successfully set about revising the status quo with a refreshing perspective on lipstick and lip color. Clean Zero Waste beauty is in vogue for discerning fashionistas who thrive on driving culture forward.


Nikki is unapologetic about her love affair with clean eco-friendly beauty and believes that everything that goes on our lips should be good enough to go into our mouths. She also boasts a strong creative knack as reflected in the design of the revolutionary lipstick on the go which takes the meaning of fashion accessory to a whole new level. 

Apart from a drive towards clean fashion-forward beauty, she also believes there should be no compromise of the fundamental elements such as performance, pigment, and luxurious formulas. Her Award-winning, patent-pending refillable lipstick cases are making waves on the fashion scene for all the adorable reasons!

Organic Lipsticks

Vegan formulas made from natural oils and plant waxes

Gluten-Free Lipsticks

Beeswax free, cruelty-free, vibrant, long-wearing colors


Not tested on animals

Award Winning eco friendly lipstickshigh performance organic matte lipsticks


quintessential natural refillable lipsticks