Clean Beauty

Hickey Lipstick, the cruelty-free and CLEAN beauty brand is known for it’s innovation and commitment to elevate the lipstick market.  Hickey did not invent lipstick, Hickey just gave lipstick a personality. Hickey will redefine the way you experience lipstick allowing you to never dig through your purse for your favorite lipstick.  Our go-to clean, refillable cruelty-free lipstick delivers performance while remaining committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The certified organic lipstick is crafted with clean, nutrient-rich ingredients making for vivid long-lasting lip colors Even the packaging is designed not to be wasteful, effectively crowning Hickey as the cult leader of eco-friendly lipsticks, each and every detail of the packaging to the case was well thought out and with purpose.


Clean Beauty Sustainable Lipsticks with case