Lipstick on the go is not a new concept. So many brands manufacture mini versions of their lipsticks so you can tote them in the back pocket of your jean shorts or in a tiny clutch when attending a wedding and space is at a premium. Well, Hickey Lipstick has totally disrupted that notion with its lipstick necklaces. You can free up whatever space you were using to store a lipstick tube by wearing one of these around your neck.

They are shaped like the usual lipstick bullet and it hangs from your neck like a statement bauble. Only it serves a purpose. Need to reapply your lipstick? You need not dig around for it in your back. Just uncap it and swipe. Birthday Suit is the nude shade that goes on smooth and creamy; it’s not an afterthought or a conduit to a gimmick. You can wear it as a choker or a bracelet. Your lipstick is your best accessory. The formula is matte, the colors are trendy —there’s a red and hot pink to choose from, too!— and the tubes are refillable. You can mix and match and have a lot of fun with your lipstick-as-necklace. Birthday Suit is the most perfect nude ever. Try it! Mile High is the rad red.